TIA brings creative programming to underserved youth through their schools and communities. Where possible TIA aims to provide youth, especially those enrolled in alternative high schools, with academic credit towards a diploma. As TIA grows, be on the lookout for other cultural arts programs!

Cap • o • eir • a [kap-oo-air-uh]

Capoeira Angola, considered to be the most traditional form of the art, is our Capoeira at Transformation In Arts. Capoeira is a movement art form created by the descendants of African slaves in Brazil which promotes holistic wellness in its practitioners.  Developed and practiced in response to the immense stressors of Colonial-era brutality, Capoeira empowers marginalized people by its design. Capoeira builds a healthy awareness of self and others, while strengthening community and fostering a healthy mind and body.

Capoeira empowers the body through the physical expression of dance. Capoeira has evolved as a musical and movement-based self-defense game which improves flexibility, strength, coordination and cardiovascular fitness. As a physical practice, Capoeira eases physical tension, and improves one’s relationship to their body.

The slow stylized kicks of the Capoeira Angola tradition are received as opportunities to problem solve in ways that are strategic and creative. Through its call-and-response songs sung in Brazilian Portuguese and emphasis on flowing mindful movements, Capoeira builds positive awareness of self, mind, and emotions.

Capoeira practice provides a supportive community alternative to street culture while emphasizing creative yet respectful self-expression. These balanced communication skills provide the necessary tools for increased involvement in the broader community.

Capoeira Angola upholds humor and adaptation at the center if its philosophy. Playful trickery strengthens the individual’s ability to establish healthy boundaries and disregard ego-based feelings of insult, which may otherwise bring about violence.

Dance Fusion

Dance and movement can be used as powerful tools for achieving mental and emotional health. TIA's Dance Fusion program focuses on using expressive arts to strengthen the body/mind connection. By moving together, students build trust and community while also building physical strength and endurance. Combining soulful fun movements from an eclectic blend of dance styles including salsa, hip hop, Afro- Brazilian, modern and jazz, Dance Fusion participants build core strength, while developing skills and learning exciting new choreography. Movements of current and past pop icons are also explored, and their movements are used to develop original dance routines.

Warm up
We focus on building core strength, balance, flexibility and coordination by incorporating ballet, yoga and pilates exercises. Students learn skills they can take home and incorporate in their own health maintenance.

Skill development
We focus on learning key movements in a variety of dance styles including salsa, hip hop, Afro-Brazilian, modern and jazz. Students will work on learning musicality, moving across the floor and moving as a group.

Building on the dance moves developed in earlier parts of the class, this element of class focuses on combining a series of movements. As they continue with the class throughout the class sequence, students learn one piece of choreography, adding on to it and refining it each week.